Nasha Mukti Kendra Dehradun

In our rehabilitation center, we aim to improve the mental and physical health of people. The people who are addicted to alcohol, drug and other kinds of intoxication can get the treatment. Nasha Mukti Kendra Dehradun prefers detoxification includes exercise, yoga, game activities, psychological counseling, etc. Nasha Mukti Kendra mainly focuses on restoration natural life of the people. A rehabilitation center is a good place for recovering natural life. We concentrate on people’s way of thinking regarding alcohol and other kinds of drugs. The alcoholic & drug-addicted people feel awkward and embarrassed in society. So, we try to people mentally prepare. Group discussion, psychiatrist counseling, talk about life and society culture are main activities in a rehabilitation center.

The Nasha Mukti Kendra’s main target to bounce back the original life of people. Different kinds of restoration therapies in our Public Rehabilitation Center are going on for the welfare of the people. Alcoholic and drug-addicted people help with speech therapy. We prepare our clients in a very positive environment and try to get rid of all negatives thoughts about drugs and alcohol. The environment of Nasha Mukti Kendra in Uttrakhand is enriched with nature. Fresh air, mountains, variety of trees, good quality of water, forest, rivers these all are the great factor to recover in less time.

“Success in life is not for those who run fast, but for those who keep running and always on the move”.

Once in a lifetime do we come across one such organization and its people who are achievers in real life.
One such organization is Karma Welfare Society. It has not only established itself as a leading center for fighting addiction as well as mental and psychological disorders but also has been path breaking in its endeavors of giving back to the society.
Endeavors like Harela, Supporting Dehradun Police’s Initiative of Operation Satya, Taking part in Government’s Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan are just a few initiatives.
The brainchild of Mr. Ravi Singh, Karma Welfare Society was conceived in the year 2018 and it being awarded with the Achiever’s Award is in itself a reflection of the enormity of the work and the recognition it has gained during this short period.
The Achiever’s Award was presented to Karma by Shri Satpal Maharaj Ji (Honbl. Minister for Tourism, Uttarakhand) and is an initiative of DAINIK JAGRAN and INEXT.
We hope that Karma Welfare Society grows by leaps and bounds and recognition galore in the coming years too.


In a very short time period, not even completed a year yet, but still today #KARMA DE-ADDICTION WELFARE SOCIETY, #DEHRADUN achieved a never forgettable AWARD OF HONOUR today by AADI SHAKTI MISSION TRUST for the work #KARMA is doing in the field of DRUG DE-ADDICTION and RELATIONSHIP COUNSELLING. The chief guest SHRI ASHOK KUMAR JI [D.G LAW AND ORDER ], guest of honour SHRI UMESH SHARMA JI [ M.L.A ]and SMT SUSHMA JUYAL [ CHAIRPERSON AADI SHAKTI MISSION TRUST ] presented the AWARD OF HONOUR to MR. RAVI SINGH the director of #KARMA WELFARE SOCIETY, DEHRADUN. for his SOCIAL WORK and NOBLE CAUSE, he is doing to change the life of ADDICTS suffering from DRUG and ALCOHOL DEPENDENCY .it was a very memorable moment as everyone appreciated #KARMA WELFARE SOCIETY, #DEHRADUN for its social work and we are the whole team of #KARMA is proud to be the part of this NOBLE MOVEMENT which took us to the platform of receiving the AWARD in such a short time period .

Our Services


The patient is first evaluated according to his physical condition and kept indoors for 3-5 days to take care of the withdrawals that may arise from the sudden stop in the consumption of drugs or alcohol. At times the patient may also be treated with medications as prescribed by doctors.


The patient undergoes extensive treatment for behavioral, spiritual & physical development through our holistic treatment involving Counselling, meditation, yoga, cooking, gardening, dance sessions and outings, etc..


The patient is slowly re-integrated back into the society through home visits, assigning responsibilities to take care of the overall essentials and requireme ta of the institution and organising gatherings, etc..

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Karma Welfare Society?

Karma Welfare Society is a public rehabilitation center situated in the beautiful mountains of Dehradun, Himachal Pradesh. The objective behind karma welfare society is to bring a change in the life of those, who have been suffering from addiction to intoxicating substances. 

  • What are intoxicating substances? 

Intoxicating substances refers to all the products which consumptions result in intoxication. These products include Alcoholic beverages, Weed and Drugs, etc.

  • How Karma Welfare Society helps in betterment of addict’s life?

At Karma, we imply several methods and techniques to let the person realize about the good things they could do with their life. We organize meditation sessions, Psychiatrist lectures, cultural events and group outing etc to deviate their focus towards the better experiences they could have apart from being addicted. 

  • Is Karma welfare society a government run organization?

Karma welfare society is not a government-run organization but an alcohol Mukti Kendra. It is an initiative started by Ravinder Singh, with an idea to bring a positive change in an addict’s life. 

  • What are the charges to enroll as a patient? 

We provide a residential facility to all our patients at our Nasha Mukti Kendra in Uttrakhand. However, charges are subject to the mutual agreement between Karma welfare society and the patient. It varies as per the time admitted.  

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