Treatment Module At Karma Welfare Society

Karma Welfare Society is India’s leading institution for wellness and has been actively involved in re-aligning people into the mainstream of life who have somehow deviated from it due to various reasons.

Karma Welfare Society is India’s best rehabilitation center for de-addiction and psychological healing because of our innovative and state-of-the-art program individualized for each person.

We have always adopted a very holistic approach towards treatment and have strongly believed in natural ways of treating such patients. Our treatment module can be broadly classified below:

  • Disciplined Environment: Karma Welfare Society always believes in treating patients in a controlled environment where-in the availability of addictive substances are completely restricted and the patients are treated in-house as a resident. After years of experience, the Karma Welfare Society has adopted this approach as it is safer for both the addict and their families. It also allows the addict to focus on “recovery” more easily. It also helps the patient suffering from a severe addiction to do away with the fear of relapse during the early fragile beginning stages of recovery.
  • Yoga & Pranayama: This is another holistic approach adopted by the Karma Welfare Society. Yoga is one of the key tools of the treatment module of Karma Welfare Society and is used throughout the treatment to help reduce withdrawal symptoms, and drug cravings and provide a healthy outlet to cope with potential triggers. Not only this, but Yoga also helps the recovering members with stress relief, increased physical stamina and strength, self-reflection, and self-awareness to discuss a few. In short, it helps in the overall health and wellness improvement.
  • Meditation: Meditation is another holistic tool adopted by the Karma Welfare Society. It is intended to promote calm and relaxation within the recovering members during the turbulent times of early recovery. Mindfulness-based meditation could reduce the consumption of addictive substances and reduces the risk of relapse as it teaches the methods for coping with discomforts such as drug or alcohol cravings or the negative effects of substance abuse.
  • Counseling: Our counselors provide a necessary support system for individuals recovering from various substance abuse. Our counselors come from a background in Psychology, Social Work and in some cases are themselves recovering addicts. They build a relationship built on trust with the patients and provide support resources and judgment-free guidance that patients can utilize on their road to addiction recovery. Our one-to-one sessions between the counselors and the patients are intended to provide both short and long-term addiction management issues.
  • Education Sessions: One of the most impactful tools to help fight drug addiction adopted by Karma Welfare Society is “EDUCATION SESSIONS”. The program design is architected in a manner that provides the knowledge necessary to avoid risky situations and information to make healthier personal choices. It also aids in creating strategies to avoid both negative peers and pressures associated with substance abuse. The aim is to educate them on the dangers of substance abuse and equip them with refusal skills to name a few.
  • Spiritual Sessions: Addiction is often described as a “Sickness of the spirit”. In truth, when people struggle with substance abuse and behavioral disorders, they confess to being “SPIRITUALLY BANKRUPT”. Karma Welfare society has always believed and punctuated in their treatment that spirituality can have a positive effect on addiction treatment outcomes. Various spiritual and devotional volunteers visit our premises to ignite the belief in God, a higher power for a better chance of recovery and lower risk of relapse.
  • Sports: Our members regularly indulge in outdoor and indoor sports activities. This is another important tool in addiction recovery. Sports like volleyball, table tennis, gym, carom, and chess may sound like just another sport for a common person, but the impact it can have on the lives of a recovering addict can be enormous. It helps in stress reduction by creating a feel-good factor in the brain, It helps in better sleep by improving both the quality and quantity of it, and it also helps with an improved mood by providing a feeling of happiness and well-being.


  • Music, Dance, and Computer Training: Another holistic approach towards treating addiction is by imparting training on facets like music and dance. Trained musicians and dancers from groups of the likes of Terrance Lewis frequently visit our institution for such training. Music and dance training is considered to be Psychosocial integrations and reduces the likelihood of a person going back to substance abuse or relapse. Music and dance can have a powerful influence on the emotions and moods of a recovering addict. It helps to communicate their moods. It helps to manage physical, emotional, and cognitive problems. Our members also undergo computer training in all capacities to make them industry ready once they are re-integrated back into society.


  • Life Skills: Karma Welfare Society also imparts knowledge in the field of various life skills like cooking, making flower pots, envelopes, etc. For us recovery is not just about learning how to heal from addiction, it is also about learning how to live life in a way that is beneficial for one’s well-being and future goals. Learning such life skills for complete recovery is what helps in maintaining sobriety for the long haul. Aligning such life skills in their daily life routine helps individuals in filling their time with activities that support their sobriety. This way there are no blocks of free time that could potentially be used for relapsing.


  • Maintaining a Clean Environment: During the course of our journey, we have noticed that during addiction a person loses interest in maintaining a clean and tidy living space. We at Karma Welfare Society tend to develop an interest amongst our members for the same through various tools like work therapy wherein the individuals are responsible for taking care of their personal health and hygiene as well as maintaining healthy surroundings. The members participate in chores that work to keep the area clean for everybody living here. Some of the initiatives taken by our members include segregating different bins for wet and dry waste which is further segregated into different bins for paper and plastic. We have also implemented concepts like “Rain Water Harvesting” within our premises as an initiative of “Giving Back to the Society”.We motivate our members to take these skills into real life outside the facility to enhance recovery.


  • Outings: Karma Welfare Society arranges various outdoor activities also for the members to indulge in various adventurous sports like Trekking, Rock Climbing, etc. The whole purpose of arranging such activities is to gradually ignite the challenge of facing difficulties and overcoming them with a positive outlook and to develop a sense of self-belief. The members also take part in various team building activities which helps them develop a positive bond among themselves through trust, which is the first step towards our goal of re-aligning them back into the society, Visits to spiritual places like Monasteries, Gurudwaras, Mandirs, and Churches help soak the negativity and fills in the members with spiritual positivity.
  • Value-Based Sessions: It has been often noticed that an addict is never aware of the consequences he/she brings into their and their loved ones’ lives during addiction. Not only life but the damaging effects it can have on the physical and mental conditions of both the addict and their near ones. In some cases, it has been noticed that a person is not even aware of the fact that he/she has become an addict. We at Karma Welfare Society have always stressed to believe that imparting the right values through various sessions is the crux of the road to recovery and sober life. Our sessions are based on Issues like the identification of Addictive Symptoms, Anger Management, Spiritual Awakening, After effects of addiction, How to control the mind, and many such topics.
  • Social Activities: Karma welfare society is always focused on the upbringing of social skills in their residents by involving them in NUKKAD NATAK, TREE PLANTATION, and PUBLIC PERFORMANCES. Social activities keep us sharp and mentally engaged. Connecting with others helps keep you in a positive mood, which in turn wards off depression. Socially active seniors tend to be more physically active, too. In addition to the health benefits above, staying connected with others helps give you a sense of purpose and a true sense of belonging.