January 26th, 2020 being the 71st Occasion since the Constitution of India was formulated and made a Republic Nation. .In 1950 laws were passed and implemented to overcome the British Raj rule over India, so every citizen can live with equal rights. .The residents of Karma Society started proactively practicing a few days before for this Day of Celebrations, which included almost every member’s involvement in decorating and preparing events. It started with the March Past and Hoisting of the Flag where every member stood up in Attention and Salute…..Whilst few members sang the National anthem followed by Patriotic songs. .Vande Mataram. The Counsellor Sanjeev Ji hoisted the flag dropping petals of flowers symbolizing Freedom afterward welcoming the Our Director Ravi Ji and other Counsellors. The arrangements were done so well that every act went on time meticulously. A proud and energetic moment was experienced by each and every resident. .wishing one another. Finally, the event was addressed by Ravi Ji to a rapturous welcome, where he reminded the residents it’s not only about the Rights that we celebrate it’s about individual duties that make this Nation whole. .This was one day the members free from substance feeling Proud and standing tall celebrating the diversity of culture, fellowship, and Harmony.