Dussehra Celebration

Dussehra the festival of truth,which is not only celeberated in India but also all over the world. Karma Welfare Society was also involved in making this auspicious day a rememberable one. Members of the house organised Dance performances showing greatness of lord Rama, sang spiritual hymns like Hanuman Chalisa,acted Raam Leela with delicious food and sweets which was enjoyed by everyone. The major thought of Celeberating this festival “Vijaydashmi-Dussehra” is to tell ourselves and everyone that truth portrayed as lord Rama wins over evil portrayed as Ravana. Our Director of Karma Welfare Society Mr.Ravi Singh also connected the event’s idea by our lives as well. He expressed that everyone has Rama and Ravana inside them as their soul,mind and consciousness.Its up to us which character we choose to adopt. The internal fight Rama and Ravana is still left to win and our choices will decide who will win. Jai Shree Raam.Jai Hind!!

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