In a very short time period, not even completed a year yet, but still today #KARMA DE-ADDICTION WELFARE SOCIETY, DEHRADUN achieved a never forgettable AWARD OF HONOUR today by AADI SHAKTI MISSION TRUST for the work #KARMA is doing in the field of DRUG DE-ADDICTION and RELATIONSHIP COUNSELLING. The chief guest SHRI ASHOK KUMAR JI [D.G LAW AND ORDER ], guest of honor SHRI UMESH SHARMA JI [ M.L.A ], and SMT SUSHMA JUYAL [ CHAIRPERSON AADI SHAKTI MISSION TRUST ] presented the AWARD OF HONOUR to MR. RAVI SINGH the director of #KARMA WELFARE SOCIETY, #DEHRADUN. for his SOCIAL WORK and NOBLE CAUSE, he is doing to change the life of ADDICTS suffering from DRUG and ALCOHOL DEPENDENCY .it was a very memorable moment as everyone appreciated #KARMA WELFARE SOCIETY, DEHRADUN for its social work and we are the whole team of #KARMA is proud to be the part of this NOBLE MOVEMENT which took us to the platform of receiving the AWARD in such a short time period .#KARMA#DEHRADUN SAYNOTODRUGS

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