Our treatment consists of A.A & N.A steps amalgamated with therapeutic and holistic treatment. We focus on alleviating unhealthy lifestyle and check on behavioral disorders. Upon admission of a resident, is taken to indoor for a process of detoxification in which we provide proper detoxifying healthy nutritious diet to get him out of withdrawal stage. Then he is visited and checked by the doctor for other body ailments and symptoms for natural well being.

The treatment course is for a period of 6 to 7 months depending on the growth of individual resident.

Then the resident is counseled and assessed by psychiatrist on call, and experienced in-house counselors. After which he joins the main stream of recovery process consisting of copying and life skills on a value based system of awareness in making the correct choice in life. They are taught to manage their emotions (Pain, Shame, Hurt, Anger, Fear & Guilt) through copying skills and vent out anger in a positive way through the process of anger management. They are further strengthened by daily visit of the yoga teacher followed by meditation for their spiritual upliftment. Evenings are spent at leisure by means of indoor games such as ; Table Tennis, Chess, Ludo etc. along with T.V and Listening and playing music.

The resident is rewarded based upon his action and conduct of fulfilling his given responsibility and goes up the rung in the hierarchical system of the treatment.   

We believe the resident growth is also challenged by weekend outing such as; sports outing, mountain trekking, movie outing and many more, in a process of rehabilitating the residents back into the main stream of daily life.

The rehabilitation concept of our society focuses on Love, Care and Concern. We believe that love in embracing inadequacies of the victims of abuse and uplifting to face life without mood altering substance that makes a better human being and a productive citizen of the society. That being the motive of karma welfare society to make one a happy and a successful citizen of the world.

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